Technologies for Water- and Ice Rescue

Since 1992, the LEHMAR GmbH has established itself in the international market for the construction and sale of multi-functional work boats, lifeboats and multi-purpose boats. In close cooperation with the Swiss company LEHMAR AG from Solothurn, LEHMAR GmbH is based in Rechlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is a reliable partner for professional and private use.

The managing director Torsten Heinrichs has learned his craft from the very basic. After graduating from the University of Rostock with a degree in shipbuilding, he gained extensive experience in the engineering and sales departments of a shipyard in Rechlin until 1992, which enabled him a successful start-up.

Today, one of the specialties of LEHMAR is that almost every customer and every special design can be executed. This is based on the patented design of the LEHMAR hull. At our plant in Rechlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the multi-purpose boat MZB 72 is developed completely. The boats of the MPE-series, the LEHMAR series and the Swiss-Cat boats will be produced based on the client’s individual needs.

LEHMAR - that means reliability and rescue with a concept.

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