Hypothermic Stabilizer Bag

The Hypothermic Stabilizer Bag serves the stabilisation and controlled warming of hypothermic persons. There are four stages of hypothermia, depending on the core body temperature of the rescued person. Of major importance is the controlled warming of the person in order to prevent death from freezing.

The Hypothermic Stabiliser Bag by Lehmar GmbH can be opened from all sides and anywhere with zippers, with an additional zipper in the chest region in order to provide optimal medical care of the person and at the same time stabilising the body temperature.

As the bag can also be opened at the bottom by the feet, it can be used universally for all body heights. Furthermore, the special polyester lining wicks water away from the patient. 6 carry handles offer optimal and gentle transport of the patient.

Available accessory: vacuum packing for the reduction of packing and storage size.

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