The Lehmar Personnel Rescue Unit

The MOB rescue cradle is based on the modular concept. Highly rigid plastic segments (l x w 17.8cm x 13.6 cm) are linked together with corrosion-resistant stainless steel and in this way form a grid with tethers on the ends to attach ropes and shackles. This way the rescue device can adjust to the required height and width. The segments are constructed in such a way that they always form a stable inner circle when rescuing people; for storage on board they can, however, be folded.

Mode of operation (e. g. on board of a boat)

After affixing the rescue device to the boat, it is lowered over board. A life line at the loose end is used to form a “rescue trough”. Afterwards, the person to be rescued is floated head first into the rescue device. Now 1 or 2 men can heave the person into the boat easily and quickly. The person lies horizontally all of the time and can in this way be brought on board without causing further damage. The cradle can also be used for persons who are able to rescue themselves. In this case, the rescue device is simply thrown over board and the person climbs into it.

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