Secure Help in Flood: the Flood Boat Type Gütersloh

The flood boat “Gütersloh” is a development of the Teuto-Plastics Technology in Bielefeld. The Teuto-plastics technology is an experienced manufacturing company in the field of plastic processing, working with the HDPE material. The high-water boat with wheels a higher intrinsic buoyancy and a much larger space in the interior in comparison with other flood boats made of HDPE. With an interior length of 2.37 m and a width of 0.90 m, the transport of euro-sized pallets or portable pumps no longer poses a problem. The tilt stability of the boat has improved tremendously because of its width. The stiffness of the hull was raised by a supporting structure made of aluminum.

As a distributor of the manufacturer, the Lehmar GmbH takes care of all of your needs from the initial quote on the building survey through to delivery. Even after the purchase, Lehmar is available for you with any questions you might have.

Length of Hull: 4.10 m (13 ft)
Total Width: 1.98 m
Depth and Keel: 0.10 m below keel

0.18 m with wheels
Weight: ca. 390 kg (empty shell)
Material: HDPE
Max. Engine: Outboard up. 40 hp (30kW)
Max. Payload: 1000 kg
Max. Number of Persons: 10
Certification: CE - Kl. C / DIN EN 1914
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